Customer Reviews

There is nothing more stressful than selling your house, other than, well, backing out of a parking place at New Seasons, running low on fuel and your destination airport is below minimums, visiting the dentist, being late for your daughter's wedding, filing your income taxes....


Anyway, Michael made the whole process painless.  

Joe & Patti Spooner Welches


I had issues dealing with other agents who were unresponsive or unaware of listings for my consideration. I switched to Michael Jakola by recommendation from a friend and the change was a night and day difference to my experience with other agents. Every step of the way Michael Jakola was fully involved with providing recommendations and reaching out to sellers for house tours. His knowledge and experience were what led to my final selection and I couldn’t be happier with the result. All of the formalities and paperwork were handled promptly and carefully, I was very happy with the price negotiating after the inspection to compensate me for repairs that were overdue in some


Michael Jakola is a great guy who understands that business is more than just “the sale”, he goes above and beyond and becomes your friend. To this day, near six months after the final closing, he still provides recommendations for repair work and checks in to see how I’m doing. Terms and payments were handled very clearly and fit a plan that was right for me and my budget. If I had any questions on fine print, they were happy to assist.


Michael Jakola was always professional and friendly, there was never a high pressure moment during any of the process and I was always confident in his skills and experience.
Brett Swanson Cedar Hills


Michael was the perfect broker for our family (the sellers) and for this sale. He was laser focused on all aspects of the property,

potential buyers and communications with our family. This resulted in a 30-day sale, from REMAX yard sign to sale and

closing. Thank you Michael for a superb experience!

Marci Clark Cully Neighborhood



My husband and I were passive home buyers and had been in touch with Michael for more than a year. Michael understood our situation and politely stayed in touch with us during this passive time. As soon as the right house popped up, Michael was right there and guided us through this process excellently. We feel very grateful that Michael was there and able to professionally help and position ourselves to get our home. Although the process was daunting with a lot of paperwork, Michael was very convenient and made it easy and stress-free. We will work with Michael and the RE/MAX team again and have already referred our

Lisa and Lucas Pfaller Eastmoreland


Michael helped us with the purchase of our first home, he was patient, quick to respond morning and evening and his negotiation skills and consistent follow-up on the details was incredible. We're so thankful to have had him help us through this process!

Caitlin and Connor Hyde SE Portland


After years and years of renting, my wife and I were finally able to get everything in order to purchase our first home. A friend referred us to Michael and within a day we were out looking through the market with him. Michael's disposition is very friendly and easy going, which for first time h

ome-buyers in this market was a VERY welcome thing. We also appreciated his availability, with houses being sold in what seemed like minutes. There were a couple times we threw him curve balls as far as meeting us for a walk-through and such, he didn't bat an eye and just rolled forward with us. The process of buying was very daunting at first, but Michael graciously and patiently walked us through the process step-by-step. We were happy to have him at our signing. Thanks Michael!

Ryan Gwillim Milwaukie


I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you did in selling my Sellwood house. You guided the process through its various steps quickly and smoothly, were always cheerful, and clearly explained what was happening and what to expect next. More than that, you respected how emotionally diffi

cult it was for me to sell the house in which I had raised my kids and poured my life into for 25 years. You understood that for me at least, peace of mind needed to be considered as much as profit did. It seems, too, that you showed the same level of consideration to the buyers and even to my tenant who needed to relocate because of the sale. It was about the most stress-free sale I can imagine. I will happily recommend you to any one looking to sell or buy a house in the area. 

Ilene O'Malley Sellwood


Michael helped me with the purchase of my first home. I appreciated his patience, professionalism and care throughout the process. Thankful to this day!

David Arndt John's Landing


We were moving to Portland from the East Coast. Michael really had to help us get our bearings and do the footwork to find us a house because we could not do so in person. Even though I'm sure he was working with tons of other buyers and sellers at the same time, he never seemed too busy to take o

ur calls, respond to our emails right away or go see a house for us. We ended up buying a gorgeous home (in our preferred neighborhood and in our price range) in even shorter time than we expected.

Rachel and Eli Saslow Eastmoreland


We were really thankful for all of the help that Michael provided while we searched for our perfect home. He was informative, accommodating, patient and understood our needs and desires straight away. Once we found the home we wanted, he was a pitbull in the negotiations and helped us easily navigat

e the entire home buying process. We were so pleased and grateful to have Michael in our corner. 

Dave & Whitney Tuttle Portsmouth/St. Johns


When I started the process of looking for a home I needed a realtor that I could trust in my decision making process. Michael exceeded what was expected. Every time I requested a walk-through he would set it up asap. During walk-throughs the advice about the home he gave was very useful and truthfu

l as in not hiding any potential problems that he saw. When I finally decided to make an offer I was always well informed on exactly what was going on throughout the entire process. I am thankful for working with Michael and his team and I am now a happy homeowner. 

Tim Trenholme Milwaukie


We've bought a house and a condo with Michael as our agent. I credit him with the success of our condo purchase, it was a short sale, because he kept on top of the process especially working closely with the short sale negotiator. He also researched the neighborhood we bought in for us to help us decide where to buy. We would definitely work with Michael again. 

Leslie & Barney Smith St. Johns


Michael went above and beyond in ensuring we found the right home in the right place for our family. His patience with us through the process was enduring and his honesty refreshing. He was a true pleasure to work with! 

Valorie & Brian & Master Morgan Holt Lake Oswego


Boiling it down to two words - Michael has class and style. He is easy to communicate with, patient, accountable, and positive. He helped us find a great home. 

Evan Osterlund & Kate O'Hara Milwaukie